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Learn How To Confidently Customize and Launch Your Showit Template

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Logging into your new Showit site can be really overwhelming.

Even with their easy drag and drop features, the process can be daunting and can make even the bravest bossbabe feel paralyzed by all the details which can delay your website launch by weeks or months.

And for a busy go-getter who has a business to run, there’s no time for that...

Let me show you a better way.

say goodbye to overwhelm

Welcome to Launch with Moxie, an online course designed to help you customize and launch your Showit website in a matter of days.

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“Before completing Launch with Moxie, I purchased a template and spent months getting my photography website to a point where I could finally make it live. While I love Showit’s drag and drop system, I just didn’t have the skill set to quickly get my website in order. I was frustrated with having a site that was live but not even close to being complete. After the course I was able to do major website refresh and quickly cross everything off my to-do list. Jessica explained topics that took me hours to figure out on my own and I learned countless ways to improve and enhance my website. I finally have a website I am proud of and couldn’t be happier!"

daniele morgan, photographer




You want to purchase one of my templates but are worried about your lack of knowledge about Showit. 

You've purchased a template from another awesome designer but haven’t touched it because the customization is overwhelming and you really don't want to mess anything up. 

You want to DIY your site (hello to saving money!) but feel like you are costing your business more by delaying your website launch or wasting your time trying to figure it all out. 

This course is just what the doctor ordered if one of these applies to you...

When you are creating your business, or growing it to the next level, you don’t have time to waste when it comes to your website. 

 I know how frustrating it can be to need to get your website up and running but the template options and learning curve are slowing you down. I’ve been where you are right now, which is why I created this course and website templates to not only launch your site quickly but elevate your brand. You deserve to stand out and I’m here to help you get there. 

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How it works

Purchase and download a template of mine or you can even do a free trial with Showit and start with a free template from the marketplace!

Enroll in the course (FREE if you purchase one of my templates) and quickly learn how to customize and set up your new website.

Launch your fancy new site & pop the bubbly. You just saved thousands of dollars by customizing your own website (and by the way, it’s totally share worthy now.)

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"I recently became a new user of Showit, and although I now absolutely love its user-friendly drag and drop interface for building websites, I was so lost when I first started... I managed to sort through things on my own and get my new site launched but found that it was still missing some features I had hoped for. About a month after launching my site I took Jessica's Showit course and couldn't believe how much more I was able to learn! Many of my unanswered questions around site building, linking to my Wordpress blog, etc. were answered in Jessica's modules and tutorial videos. Whether you are brand new to Showit or even just thinking of making the switch - I highly recommend taking this course! Jessica's Showit knowledge and her friendly support helped to give me the confidence I needed to bring my website dreams to life."

Charly, Owner of Lenn's Desk Virtual Assistance 

Enroll in the Course Only and Start Customizing a Template you have already!

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Get the course for $97

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"I took Jess' Showit course and found it so helpful to get everything on my site up and running. I've had Showit for a few months but haven't migrated my old site over yet because I didn't know where to start and was unsure of how to edit and set up pages. Jess' course laid out all of the steps and her video walk-throughs showed me exactly how to do everything I need to put my site together. Now I feel like I can get my site built on Showit in no time!"

meg wheeler, business coach

Learn all things about the Showit platform including how to set up your template / site; how to edit your color palette, fonts and shapes; how to nagivate and create canvases; and how to add in your photos and galleries. 


Getting Started with Showit

I'll walk you through connecting your domain and launching a coming soon page to have live if you would like while you work on building the rest of your site!


Launching a Coming Soon Page

You'll start adding in your content and images into your website and everything will start falling into place! I'll walk you through adjusting things as needed and adding pages to your template and subsequent menu / navigation items!


Adding Your Content

This module is all about integration. I'll teach you how to connect your mailing list / newsletter form; how to add in your instagram feed and how to integrate Shopify Lite buy buttons. Need something special integrated? Reach out to me and I'll try to provide a supplementary tutorial for you!


Integrating Third Party Apps

We'll talk all things blogging - Your design is done in Showit and the actual blogging will be done in Wordpress. Confusing? Don't worry - I take you through the entire process of how to write your first blog post, connect your categories as well as how to create a featured post area!


Blogging On Showit + Wordpress

How to set up your site's basic SEO settings and important things to consider for SEO when it comes to blogging! I'll also walk you through the things you need to do regarding google analytics, your site map and google search.


Search Engine Optimization

I provide a checklist for you to run through when you are ready to launch your site! We'll test out all the areas and links throughout your site to make sure it is functioning as it should be! Want help with them? Feel free to contact me after you are ready and I'll audit it for free if you are a template customer!


Auditing Your Website

It's time!! I'll walk you through getting your site officially launched as well as how to create fun mockup graphics for sharing on social media and celebrating your launch!


Launching Your New Site

Course Curriculum

"I have been marveling at Showit for years (I've been a Wordpress girl) always wanting to dive in, but just not knowing where to start. I'm so grateful that Jessica, popped into my life recently! Launch With Moxie, guided me through step by step through Showit with easily digestible modules. Where I had initially felt overwhelm, I was now quickly learning my way around. As a result, I have gained both a great foundation in the platform and the confidence to continue learning. I am thrilled to take what I've learned from this course to build a beautiful Showit site. Thank you Jessica!"

Nicole Diana, Marketing Strategist

"Jessica’s course was so clear and ran me through all of the things I needed to know and learn in order to start customizing my ShowIt site! I was new to the platform and a little intimidated, but this course gave me the confidence to start playing around with it and build my dream site!" 

ellie ellias, Content Creator & Copywriter

You deserve a website as professional and amazing as you are. Stop wasting time and losing money and let's get you set up pronto.

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