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A. Trying to survive without a website for your business - relying on social media, your facebook page, and word of mouth.

B. Tired of having a bum-ass website that doesn't feel like you and is a challenge to update or customize in any way... You are so over it!

And for a busy go-getter who has a business to run, you are ready to get that professional, beautiful website you deserve WITHOUT having to spend months trying to figure it out or WITHOUT paying thousands of dollars to get it...

Ready for a website that actually works?

Let me guess, you are either...

Welcome to Launch with Moxie - a Showit Template and Course Bundle designed to help you customize and launch your new website in a matter of DAYS.

love for moxie

"I cannot thank Jess enough! I am beyond thrilled with how my website turned out. The template I invested in is so perfect for my brand. All I had to do was add my photos and copy. The course was also so helpful in showing me step by step what needed to be done. I have had some many compliments on my new website, and I have signed on three new clients since launching!"

Tara Shea, Virtual Assistant

"I used Jessica’s design as a launching pad for my author website and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Not only was the template beautifully designed, but it also functioned perfectly. All I had to do was tweak it to match my brand style. And best of all, it will continue to grow with me as my business grows."

Erin Scoggins, Author

"I was looking for a beautiful, professional, template with an easy-to-understand tutorial on how to edit the template myself. The most important thing for me was a beautiful design and simple tutorial."

Shannon Pruitt, Event Planner

"Prior to the launch of my website, I was only receiving a few queries a month for wedding photography. Since the launch of my new website, I am receiving queries every single day. I couldn't believe it! People tell me all the time how beautiful and easy the website it to use!”

Tabatha Del Fabbro, Photographer

"Through my website and with my new branding, I've booked 8 of my first weddings ever. I'm feeling like I can accomplish anything I want to, and I am confident that I can adjust my website as my business grows and matures - which is the best part!”

Samantha Joy, Photographer




You'll be more confident in yourself as a business owner when you have that beautiful website as your go-to reference for potential clients. And they'll be lining up to work with you because your website is actually designed to CONVERT, not just look good. 

You'll feel in charge and in control of your website. Showit is super user friendly and so easy to maintain. No need to hire out little updates - you'll be able to easily update your content, packages, everything with a few clicks. 

You'll be so stinkin' happy at the amount of money you saved your business by DIYing that sucker, plus ultra proud that you succeeded in creating yourself a gorgeous online space and that you did it within days, not months. 

Here's what happens when you have a kickass website that you LOVE and is designed to convert for you...

When you are creating your business, or growing it to the next level, you don’t have time to waste when it comes to your website. 

I know how frustrating it can be to need to get your website up and running but the options and learning curve are slowing you down. I’ve been where you are right now, which is why I created this course and website templates to not only launch your site quickly but uplevel your brand. You deserve to stand out and I’m here to help you get there. 

let's do it!

Stop wasting time with platforms that are a pain to customize and stop wasting money buying templates or themes that don't actually turn visitors into clients.

How it works

Purchase any website template from me and get ready to rock. The next few days are going to be FUN and I'm here if you have any questions at all!

Enroll in the course (FREE if you purchase one of my templates) and quickly learn how to customize and set up your new website.

Launch your fancy new site & pop the bubbly. You just saved thousands of dollars by customizing your own website (and by the way, it’s totally share-worthy now.)

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Here I am running the business I've always dreamed about helping amazing ladies take their own businesses from itsy-bitsy babes to share-worthy, show-stopping, so-busy-they-have-to-turn-clients-away brands that are making MONEY and making a difference. 

You may be thinking, "uh a website isn't that important, Jessica. Stop being silly." But I beg to differ my friend. Have a website with kickass copy and a conversion-heavy design IS what helps lead to a successful business. You won't get there with a shit website, I promise you. And that's why I'm ready to get you that new site you deserve.

I'm Jessica. Web Designer, Girl Mama and Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur Here To Help Other Women Entrepreneurs Uplevel Their Brands.

About me

purchase a template, Follow my step-by-step course and launch that shiny new, lead-generating website by week's end.

don't suffer from website shame anymore

"In September I purchased Showit to revamp my website. I was really excited about the drag and drop features and looking forward to the easy setup I had read about. Fast forward to February and I was knee deep in help documents on the Showit site and still trying to create a website that looked polished, professional, and cohesive.

I stumbled across Jessica's website while looking for inspiration on Pinterest and it was the luckiest pinterest search ever! I very quickly purchased her template and, with the help of her Launch With Moxie Course, went from frustrated and annoyed to done and launched in only 2 weeks - all while working a full time job!

The template provided me with a cohesive and professional website right out of the box and the Launch with Moxie course helped me to really dive into all of the features that Showit has and walked me step by step through the entire setup of my site. Her course also helped me to add the more advanced features that weren't part of my template so that I was able to take charge and really customize my new virtual home.

Without a doubt this was the best money I have spent on my business! I have already had so many compliments on my new site and have had more inquires in the first week of my launch than I had in the last month! The best part? Jessica's amazing support. She has been there to hold my hand and support me during this process and I could not be more grateful to her for everything she has done for me!"

Kate Voda, Photographer

Still not convinced this is the best path for you? check out what kate had to say about her experience!


I design my templates around proven marketing frameworks which makes it easier for you to add in your content in an effective design to actually attract your ideal client! Take your pick from the shop and let's get started!


A Showit website + blog designed to not only look awesome, but ready to convert leads into clients.


30+ Bite-Sized Video Tutorials in my Step-By-Step Course "Launch With Moxie"

Here's the part that will make your life oh-so-easier! My course will walk you through the entire process of installing, customizing and launching your brand new website, without the headache. 


After you get your site all ready to go, all you have to do is hit me up and I'll provide you with a free audit and finishing session where I'll go in and clean up little things, check links, etc. to make sure you are all set for your big launch!


Free Website Audit and Finishing Session


Join the community and be in the loop for future updates, promotions and all kinds of tips and tutorials. We are in this together and I am here to connect amazing women with other amazing women so let's do this thing.


Access to my Launch With Moxie Facebook Community for Female Entrepreneurs

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What's included?

Looking for Answers? I got 'em.

First off, what the heck is this thing you call "Showit"?

All coaching programs are done via FaceTime or phone call! Whichever you prefer.

You bet! We have Decide + Conquer Program graduates from all over the world- United States, New Zealand, England, Japan, Australia, Sweden, and more.

If there is not a time that works with your schedule, send an email to with your time zone and times in the next week that you are available for your consultation call.

 Program pricing starts at $2,000. We have different programs and payment plans to meet your needs. Let’s get you started by booking a free consultation call.

Because of the nature of the content, all sales are final.

Showit is an amazing drag and drop website building platform that uses wordpress for blogging. So you'll have the ease of designing and inputting content for your website PLUS the SEO powerhouse of Wordpress behind your site. You are going to love it! Showit is subscription based and includes everything you'll need except your domain host which is usually through godaddy, google or similar. Your subscription is not included with your purchase from me, you'll handle that on your own through

I suck at all things tech, are you sure I can do this?

Yesss! You got this. My course will help you every step of the way and is broken down into bite-sized videos so you can easily look up the exact help you need. If you are struggling with something you can always reach out to me via email and I'll help you as well!

Is it hard to change the colors, fonts and images?

Nope. Just a few clicks for the colors. Add your own custom fonts or choose from the Google Font Library that's included with Showit. Drag and drop your images and text and hit publish. Seriously, I make it sound so easy I know, and it will be when you follow my course!

Will the site look good on mobile too?

Yes! Absolutely. With Showit you have complete control of the mobile side of your website. Which means you can change up text styles and colors and layout as needed to make it more user-friendly. I've already done that with the template so you'll be ready to rock and your mobile viewers (which is like the majority of your viewers these days) will LOVE your website as well. 

What if the template I like doesn't say it's designed for my niche?

No worries! The content and images in my templates are just placeholders for your own content! You can easily take a template that says it's designed for a health coach and use it for your virtual assistant business. There's hardly any limits to what you can do with Showit and you can customize to your little heart's content.

Can you just setup my site for me instead?

Hell yes I can! I offer template install and customization packages which will take everything off your shoulders and allow me, the Showit Design Partner, to just get your website built and launched for you. You can learn more about my services here!

love for moxie

"Jessica’s course was so clear and ran me through all of the things I needed to know and learn in order to start customizing my Showit site! I was new to the platform and a little intimidated, but this course gave me the confidence to start playing around with it and build my dream site!" 

Ellie Ellias, Content Creator & Copywriter

In today's world, if you have a message, you need a platform to deliver those messages. A website is a must. I looked at literally hundreds of templates. I didn't find any that I really connected with until I found Jessica Gingrich. Using the Showit platform, I could have everything I wanted. Beautiful design with a a touch of whimsy. Easy to navigate layout. Lots of opportunities to shape the template to fit my personality. A site that is user-friendly for me so that I can update without having to pull my hair out..."

Susan G. Lauermann, Author & Life Coach

"The new website has given me a sense of confidence in my business that I didn't have before. I'm proud to hand out my business card, proud to link my website on my instagram, and proud of the customers I've been attracting because the website is so clear for my target market."

Lauren Bongiorno, Health & Diabetic Coach

"Jessica was always responsive to any questions that I had along the way, and I was very impressed with how easy it was to create my site once I purchased! I am more than happy with how my website turned out and I'm confident it will be a great addition to my brand and marketing."

Meghan Mosakowski, Life Coach

You deserve a website as professional and amazing as you are. Stop wasting time and losing money and let's get you set up pronto.

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+ 30+ Video Tutorials to help teach you the ins and outs of Showit.

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+ Access to Launch With Moxie Facebook Community for women just like you!