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    You only get 8 SECONDS to convince potential customers to stay on your website. Eight. Seconds. Which means your header language needs to be CLEAR. I’ve designed all of my templates to maximize those eight seconds and keep eyes on your site longer. Want to know a few tips to make your website work better for you? Download my latest website freebie! It's packed with 7 tried and true marketing and design tactics that will lead to more client and customer leads if you start implementing them. I promise. 

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    I love serving women who have big dreams and big goals for their brand, just like you. Whether you are just starting out or been at it for a few years, you most likely know the importance of a clean, professional website. And I know that you think that website is out of your reach either budget or time-wise. But I'm here to be that bridge. We can get you into the website of your dreams at a fraction of the cost and not only will it save money, but my templates are designed specifically to help you make money. I am passionate about marketing and have integrated proven marketing strategies into my templates in order to give your business the best chance of success in a most likely saturated market. Does that sound like something you need? Of course it is. So feel free to reach out to me or browse the shop and let's make it happen. 

    I'm Jessica, designer for female entrepreneurs looking for a beautiful, strategic website for their new or growing business.

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